Is Marriage Still Valuable?

If you ask any married person how their marriage is doing you will hear statements like “we are doing great!” or “we compliment each other” or “we are in a good place”. Few people ever admit to the challenges that marriage brings. Perhaps it is the fear of being seen as a failure or the […]

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What Is A Man?

Sometimes I think the world expects too much from the man. He is expected to be like some sort of superhero that is always on top of his game. The pressure is real and it is simply unattainable at times. The myth of the perfect man is just that – a myth. When you ask […]

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Why Do We Cheat?

When someone succumbs to temptation it is usually seen as a sign of weakness. Some say temptation is the root of all evil. Men and women alike fall prey to temptation on a daily basis. Resistance sometimes seems futile. Cheating in marriage and relationships in general has become a recurrent occurrence in modern society no […]

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I believe as human beings we all have something unique to offer. I believe we each have a specific purpose to fulfil in this long journey called “life”. Finding your true purpose in life and fulfilling it is one of the most fundamental gifts that one can possess. Many go through life never knowing their […]

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