I believe as human beings we all have something unique to offer. I believe we each have a specific purpose to fulfil in this long journey called “life”. Finding your true purpose in life and fulfilling it is one of the most fundamental gifts that one can possess. Many go through life never knowing their true purpose and as such they live their lives feeling empty and unfulfilled. Yearning for some meaning to their blind existence.

Growing up our folks always did what they thought best to guide us and usher us onto the path or journey that they felt was the ideal one for us. Some were merely trying to fulfill their own unfulfilled dreams through us and in some sense achieve what they failed to achieve themselves, back in the day.

Sometimes it worked but sometimes the results were disastarous. With all the best intentions in the world sometimes you cannot change someones’ destiny. You can guide and you can advise but sometimes it may feel like it is all falling on deaf ears.

Fulfilling your destiny can be challenging. Especially when others dispute what you know is true in your heart. When they ridicule your vision and tell you to stop daydreaming. However those who never dream never achieve anything difinitive or sustainable.

Some fulfill their destinies with speed and ease, whereas others have a longer and bumpier road ahead before they arrive. Some may never get there but the most important thing is to know that you were working towards it.

The Roddy Chasewater Show.

2 thoughts on “Destiny.

  1. I agree completely. There’s this dreadful panic I feel each time I see folks trying to relive their lives through their kids. Masterfully charting his/her life part. Deciding courses to study and all that. Most times this person grows into adulthood without having an inkling of what he/she wants out of life.
    One is certainly more confident and secure when he/she’s know where he/she’s headed and would be focused on achieving such goals.

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