Day of the Fathers

Of all the jobs I have ever had, no job has been more rewarding and yet equally challenging as being a father. It is a job that I do with pride, but it is also a job that has cost me some sleepless nights and even tears at times. It has been said in contemporary […]

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The Dating Crisis

Dating in 2020 is not for the feint hearted. No one wants to commit to anything yet everyone wants all the perks of being with someone. Instant gratification has made the whole thing quite absurd and meaningless. Why bother with it at all? No one takes the time anymore to invest in knowing someone and […]

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Never Forget: #BLM

Now that the #BlackLivesMatter and #GeorgeFloyd storms have started dissipating, it’s important that we never forget that racism is still here with us. #BlackLivesMatter is just one of the many ways in which people have been trying to speak up and raise awareness about ongoing racial disparities and injustices in the world we live in, […]

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Not Just On Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. No expense spared. No stone left unturned. It’s all or nothing. Streets and restaurants will be buzzing with lovers canoodling and oozing with delight at the expense of the singletons who have to endure yet another Valentines Day hiding, in embarrassment. As if singleness is a contagious and […]

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The Art Of Ghosting

I know a friend who has experienced this new wave of torture and heartlessness that has swept through the millennial generation and seems poised to become a staple of modern day relationships. Even older generations are becoming accustomed to it. A ghoster is usually considered as someone selfish who does not want to have to […]

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R Kelly the “Monster”?

They say that the most important time in a human beings’ development is in their childhood. Particularly in their formative years from 0 till about 8 years old. For Robert Kelly his childhood was not the best. Certainly not the worst but it was bad enough. He never knew his father and he was one […]

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The Return.

The last 18 months of my personal life have been extremely challenging and I have not been able to reconnect with my thirst for blogging. However I find myself in a new space and willing to continue the journey back to self actualisation and fulfillment. I will explore other topics this time around. Not just […]

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