Do Relationships Started On Social Media Work?

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When I was thinking about this topic a lot of scenarios came to my mind. I thought about the “good old days” when asking someone out was as daunting as it was to write an exam. I thought of those days when pen and paper were our best friends and we mastered the art lyrical persuasion through letters that were written using dictionaries and encyclopedias. You would then wait for what seemed like a lifetime for the response.

Fast forward to 2017 and the game has changed in more ways than one. Some say for the better but for some people relationships started online are a recipe for disaster and they have essentially lost that je ne sais quoi. It does not feel genuine or real to some people and some cannot stand the idea of virtual relationships.

Online dating is still one of the most popular ways in which people meet to start relationships these days. However there is always the risk of deception when meeting people on the internet. Human traffickers and peadophiles for example have been known to use the net to lure their victims. Online dating can also quite easily go pear shaped when people present a less than honest image of themselves to potential mates. Nevertheless a lot of people still fall prey to these.

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That is not to say all those that start relationships online are dishonest people. Some people are quite open and free to present themselves as they truly are and are equally looking for the same level of honesty from others.

Bona fide online websites will actually help ameliorate the risk of deception as they usually ask for a joining fee and monthly premium that ensures that for the most part you are meeting someone who is after the same things that you are. Fake profiles are not that common on these sites but they still occur. Nonetheless it is important to think of “safety first” when venturing online.

Some researchers have reported that relationships that were started online actually fair better than those started in real life. It is important to respect an online relationship as you do one in real life. It is important to have trust, honesty and boundaries as you do in any other relationship. Ground rules are very important.

It is also important to keep those lines of communication open. Some recommend about an hour a day. Whether face to face on Skype or WhatsApp or whether via text or email it is important to keep in touch and show that concern and interest in their life. Everyone want to feel appreciated and valued. So do you….

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