The Stages of Long Lasting Relationships.

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Most relationships don’t last nowadays. People feel less obliged to stick it out with someone and they find it quite easy to jump ship after a relatively short period of time. However there are those whose relationships have truly stood the test of time.

It is important to note from the onset that no two relationships are the same. Every relationship is unique and every relationship is made up of it’s own unique characteristics and circumstances.

Relationships also have phases which usually start with courtship. This is the time where you meet your potential partner and you are basically getting to know one another. Anything can happen during this phase and a lot of relationships fail to make it past this stage as one may soon realise that this person is not the one they really want to be with. Maybe they notice a certain behaviour they don’t like or even sometimes just a gut instinct can put you off hooking up with someone.

If they get past the courtship phase some couples will enter what some may call the honeymoon phase where the relationship is super sweet and you can’t get enough of each other. The thing about this phase is that it can last anything from a few weeks to several years in some cases. Some people who have been together for 10 years can report feeling like they are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship as everything is so good and they are always on top form. Most people want to stay in his zone forever because it is so exhilarating and exciting. Who doesn’t want to be happy all the time?

Thereafter comes what we can call the comfort zone. In this phase of the relationship both parties are quite relaxed now. There seems no real need to try as hard as you used to anymore. After all you have been together so long and you don’t see yourself with anyone else. Particularly when the kids and work pressures kick in. You have built this lovely lifestyle around each other. Why should anything change? However this is a dangerous phase as some people start thinking “perhaps there is more for me out there”. Deception and cheating become highly likely. Some may actually cheat and get away with it. It may disrupt their relationship momentarily but in some cases some couples overcome these speed bumps and manage to get back on track or even take a step back into the honeymoon phase once again.

Finally we have what we can call the actualization phase where both parties have solidified their relationship. They have been through several trials and tribulations together and now they realise that they were truly destined to be together and that all their trials have made them simply unshakable. Few get to this stage of fulfilment and those who do talk about how relationships can be challenging. They talk about selflessness and dedication. Strength and wisdom. It is a place most people would love to reach one day but it seldom happens.

We will explore these stages in greater detail.

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