Resolving Conflict in Relationships.

Arguments and conflict in relationships can be some of the most challenging times one has to endure. Navigating these situations is a skill few have mastered. Communication is the most vital aspect of any relationship. A relationship where there is poor communication or no communication at all is doomed to fail. Good communication is when […]

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The Soulmate Misconception.

By definition a soulmate is a person who is ideally suited to another either as a friend or as a romantic partner. Most people believe you have to be married to or be in a romantic relationship with your soulmate but that is a misconception. People get into relationships for a variety of reasons. The […]

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Is Marriage Still Valuable?

If you ask any married person how their marriage is doing you will hear statements like “we are doing great!” or “we compliment each other” or “we are in a good place”. Few people ever admit to the challenges that marriage brings. Perhaps it is the fear of being seen as a failure or the […]

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