R Kelly the “Monster”?

They say that the most important time in a human beings’ development is in their childhood. Particularly in their formative years from 0 till about 8 years old. For Robert Kelly his childhood was not the best. Certainly not the worst but it was bad enough. He never knew his father and he was one […]

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The Return.

The last 18 months of my personal life have been extremely challenging and I have not been able to reconnect with my thirst for blogging. However I find myself in a new space and willing to continue the journey back to self actualisation and fulfillment. I will explore other topics this time around. Not just […]

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Resolving Conflict in Relationships.

Arguments and conflict in relationships can be some of the most challenging times one has to endure. Navigating these situations is a skill few have mastered. Communication is the most vital aspect of any relationship. A relationship where there is poor communication or no communication at all is doomed to fail. Good communication is when […]

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