Album Review – Breezy: Chris Brown


Recording 10 studio albums is not something that a lot of rnb artists are able to achieve. At 33 Chris has had an illustrious career since he broke out in 2005. It is easy by this time in his career to assume that he would start slacking and produce lackluster material. However, with Breezy he has done just the opposite. It is a 24-track long feast of uptempo and mid-tempo bangers.

There are features from the likes of Lil Wayne, Tory Lanes, Lil Durk, Fivio Foreign and Wizkid. His two female duos with Ella Mai and H.E.R are dope. However, it’s when he slows things down and showcases his vocal versatility that he really shines. Tracks like Harder and Dream are hard to beat but it is with Sleep At Night that he really outdoes himself by reaching a falsetto pitch that is not familiar on a CB project.

Rnb fans will find it difficult to skip any track on this album. It is good to see that even at a time when rnb seems like a dying breed, CB is still raising the bar.


The Roddy Chasewater Show

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