Not Just On Valentines Day.

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again. No expense spared. No stone left unturned. It’s all or nothing. Streets and restaurants will be buzzing with lovers canoodling and oozing with delight at the expense of the singletons who have to endure yet another Valentines Day hiding, in embarrassment. As if singleness is a contagious and deadly virus that will render its victims damned and despicable. 

Truth be told Valentines means more to the ladies. The fellas just play along because it means so much to their women. But there’s nothing wrong with that is there? For a woman to expect to be treated like a queen on this one special day. For her to be wined and dined till she’s ripe and ready to reciprocate…. 

Experience teaches that Valentines Days come and go but it’s the in-between times that matter the most. The 364 days before it and those that come after. Those are the times that your “love” is truly tested. When there is no expectation to be romantic. When life’s pressures are beating you left right and centre but you have to “keep the fire burning”. When you feel like throwing in the towel  but you keep pushing. This is the real test. Not Valentine’s Day…. 

So fight to make everyday special. Not just Valentines Day. Be romantic as often as you can. Be spontaneous with one another. Don’t wait for a day or a time. Do it now… 

The Roddy Chasewater Show