13 Things Men Look For In A Potential Wife.

It is well known that a lot of men are initially interested in a woman based purely on physical attributes and attraction. But beyond this what else do we look for when we consider a woman as a potential life partner or wife? There are a few key qualities we look for but there is no exhaustive list because of individual preferences. Here are some of them in no particular order:-


Every man wants to know that he can trust his woman. He wants to know that whatever happens, she will have his back. He wants to know that he can rely on her when things go upside down. Furthermore, he wants to know that he can trust that she will remain faithful to him no matter what. He wants to know that she is his and his alone. Nothing boosts a man’s confidence more than being fully aware that he can genuinely trust his partner. A man is less likely to commit to a woman if he feels she may be unfaithful.


An honest woman is a precious thing to a man who truly loves her. It is good to know that your woman can be honest about everything and you have no reason to mistrust her. However, at times, honesty is not always the best policy in relationships (more on that later).

Respect and Humility

The two do not necessarily mean exactly the same thing but they are somehow related. A humble woman is usually quite respectful and vice versa. Some women are prone to sheer arrogance and brashness which can at times be a turn off for some men. Men also want to be respected for the most part. Even in the modern feminist era most men still find a respectful and humble woman extremely appealing.


One thing most men would agree upon is that they want a caring and nurturing woman. Freud was accurate when he described the ID in that a boys’ first love is his mother. Naturally, when he subconsciously looks for a partner he looks for a woman who can fulfil some of his mothers’ attributes. This mainly involves cooking and cleaning. In extreme cases some men want their women to cater to them completely from head to toe.

Passionate and Intimate

A woman who is sensually awakened and confident is a bonus for some men. A man wants to be aroused by his partner and does not want to have to beg for conjugal rights. It is understandable that some women are not always going to be “in the mood” but men are usually “up for it” most of the time and are always looking for some excitement between the sheets.


Men appreciate intelligent women. Women with deep and analytical minds. However, as with everything else in life, there are exceptions. Some men are intimidated by intelligent women but an intelligent woman gives intelligent advice which will benefit a discerning man and his family.


A woman who is understanding is always a plus. She does not always fly off the handle when things do not go her way. She realises that sometimes the way she sees things is not the same way her man sees things and she “understands” that. She realises that sometimes men do not always make the best decisions and understands that her role is to advise her partner and not dress him down or bash his ego. After all, that is all he has in some cases.

Good Sense Of Humour

A woman with a good sense of humour makes life more bearable. At times things are not going so well in a relationship but it is good when you can laugh some things off with your partner. Everything does not need to be so serious all the time. You want someone who can goof around with you and is able to see the lighter side of things.

Laid Back

There are some women who extremely calm and laid back. They do not overreact and they are quite poised in various situations and circumstances. They have a gentle manner about them such that even if you were having a disagreement with them you would back down just because of their soothing demeanour. Even their voices are gentle and they can calm your tempers just by talking. Every man needs that kind of woman.


A good woman is flexible and adaptable. She realises that situations change and that there is a need for compromises and flexibility. There may be the need to adopt a different viewpoint that opposes yours or make sacrifices you may have not made in the past. Men appreciate that.


Most men have that one person or people whose opinion they trust completely. If that person or people do not approve of his chosen woman it is highly unlikely they will commit to that woman. Sometimes these people may get it wrong or they may have their own individual biases but some men will value this opinion bar making up their own mind and choosing based on their own opinion.


A woman who is wise and resourceful is a bonus for a good man. He appreciates the fact that he does not have to figure out everything by himself but rather he has an equal and dynamic partner who can access the right supplies and support to address any issues or concerns they may have.


Last but not least men want a woman who is exciting. Exciting not only between the sheets but also in conversation and interaction. Someone who will keep him engaged and looking forward in anticipation of something new or something fresh. Exciting women are usually able to keep their men happy because some men are like boys. They easily get bored.

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