The Honeymoon Phase – Long Lasting Relationships.

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This is the time in a relationship that is the most enjoyable. You are truly in love and nothing or no-one can steal your joy. You and your mate are on an exhilarating journey of passion and bliss and you wonder where this person was all your life. They are the Yin to your Yang.

They are perfect in every way possible and even if they are not your infatuation glosses over those imperfections and it is as if they don’t have any. “Oh how wonderful!” you think to yourself. How wonderful that you have finally found true love and joy. You wish this feeling would never end, but it usually does.

When a kid gets a new toy they usually can’t let it go, for a while. But eventually they get fed up with it and move on to the next toy. They may play with it every now and again but it is more or less forgotten. In relationships it is a similar experience except that it is much harder to end a relationship than it is to switch toys.

The honeymoon phase usually ends naturally. Couples usually experience the end of the honeymoon phase when conflict arises. The longer and more persistent the conflict becomes it can suck the joy out of any union. Those imperfections that you used to ignore become more apparent and annoying.

Accepting that the honeymoon phase has ended can be difficult for some to handle. They think they don’t love each other anymore or that there is something wrong with the relationship but for the most part that is not the case. It is comparable to someone who is high on something. The feeling does not last forever. It dies down eventually and that is normal. That’s how the cookie crumbles.

Some relationships will have several honeymoon phases during their course. A period of euphoria and bliss that comes along momentarily and you are both truly satisfied. You will cherish these memories the most….

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