The Soulmate Misconception.

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By definition a soulmate is a person who is ideally suited to another either as a friend or as a romantic partner. Most people believe you have to be married to or be in a romantic relationship with your soulmate but that is a misconception.

People get into relationships for a variety of reasons. The list is endless but you do not necessarily have to be in a relationship with your soulmate. Your soulmate could be one of your friends and for one reason or another you cannot be together in the romantic sense.

Some people believe a person can have several soulmates during the course of their life. People who complement them and gel with them in a way even their spouses cannot and that is a very difficult thing for some people to digest. It is very easy for them to become jealous and envious of these relationships.

Your spouse or partner does not necessarily have to be a perfect match for you in every way possible. It is possible but it does not necessarily guarantee a successful union. Some have been lucky to marry or be in a relationship with their soulmate and that is great but some are not so lucky and that is not a bad thing either. Relationships have different dynamics and can work even for those who are not with their soulmate.

Some people know who their soulmate is but some may never find out. Your soulmate could be right under your nose and you don’t even realise it. A soulmate is one who understands and connects with you on a level that others cannot. They get you. Sometimes they know what you are thinking even before you say it. Sometimes you can both laugh at something without even having to utter a word to each other. It is a chemistry of sorts but chemistry does not necessarily have to be sexual which is where a lot of people get it wrong.

Some soulmate relationships are quite intense. Sometimes you may get a sense dejavu. A sense that you have known each other even in another lifetime. Will Smith in the movie Hancock was tied to his soulmate played by Charlize Theron such that even after several years apart they were still able to find each other. They were still drawn to each other. A soulmate will even like your flaws and even if you have a problem they do all they can to try and help you solve them.

Some people believe the concept of a soulmate is a fallacy and can only be seen in the movies but they do exist. The key is knowing who they are and finding them. Everyone has at least one of them.

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2 thoughts on “The Soulmate Misconception.

  1. Not sure I’ve ever understood the concept of a “soulmate” or have felt they exist! I think as you travel through life, if you are lucky, you may encounter certain people who become special too you and hopefully you to them. Whether this is in a couple relationship or just a friend ship depends on many other things. But the comfort and support you may gain from that relationship seems to transcend time and distance.

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    1. Yes Elaine for some people this phenomenon is quite true. It may be a fantasy but there are people who have reported an extremely deep connection with someone that transcends time and distance as you said. I believe I have encountered at least one soulmate in my life. Too bad that we lost touch but I believe we will reconnect some way somehow…..


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